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Images below are from the BETA Test version of the MWOT™ that operated from
2013 until 2015 and was created with the talents of our team of creative volunteers from around the world.
The test displays were designed by Founder and President of the Now Cloased Non Profit Mini World Frank Ruby.

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Play With Our Trains ™  Experience Your Childhood Over Again! ™  24 Hours Every 20 Minutes ™
Railroads Of The World ™  Chase A Train ™  Come And Play With The Trains ™ 
Our World In Miniature  ™ Imagination, Innovation and Education ™ A Fun And Educational Family Experience  ™
All Aboard For Family Fun  ™ See The World In A Day  ™ Explore, learn and be entertained ™
An Educational Family Experience ™ America's Miniature World ™ Experience The Adventure ™ 
Daytime Nighttime Every 20 Minutes ™ A Universe Of Stars ™ Mountains Of Fun For The Whole Family ™ 
Unplug And Connect  ™ Connect With Your Family Again  ™ Revive The Child In You!  ™
A World Like No Other ™ A Place Like No Other ™ A Miniature World Like No Other ™
Live Longer..... Play With Model Trains ™ More Fun Per Square Foot ™ The BIGGEST little World ™
A miniature adventure from coast to
coast to coast!
I've Been Working On The Railroad At ......
The Miniature World Of Trains ™ 
Miniature World of Trains™ the
 next big attraction in America!
It's All About Making Dreams™ I've Been Working On The Railroad At .......
The Miniature World of Trains ™
It's All About Making Dreams Come True™
Climate controlled train watching!™ Miniature World of Trains Pop Up ™ Big Venue! Mini World! BIG FUN! ™
Winter Wonderland Model Train Display™ Miniature Wonderland™ Joy! Merry! Trains! ™
Winter Wonderland™ The Great Model Train Display ™ Tiny Is Big! ™
I've Been Working On The Railroad
At The Great Model Train Display ™ 
The Great Model Train Display ™ the
 next big attraction in America!
America's, South Carolina's & Greenville's Next Big Attraction ™
The Model Railroad Experience ™ A Magical Gathering Of Miniature Experiences ™ A Miniature  Gathering Of Magical Experiences ™
SOMRR™ Society Of Model Railroaders™ (SOMRR™) The Model Train Experience ™
America's Next Big Thing ™ A 4D Experience ™ Small World, Welcome To It! ™Wo
The Engineers Of A Magical Experience ™ Noel Night ™ A Small World Of Wonders™
GTA -  Greenburg Transit Authority™ GTA - "Route Of The Dashing Dave" ™ Dino's Amore Italian Restaurant ™
East West North South Railroad™ MWDOT ™ (Miniature World Department Of Transportation) EWNS Railroad ™ (East West North South)
Paddywack's Knick Knack Shop™ J.D. Clampett Oil Co. ™ Vittles by Granny ™
Ding Dong Doorbell Co™ Shama Lama Ding Dong ™ (50's/60's Night Club) Drysdale Bank of Commerce City ™
Echo Valley Lake™ (Echo Activity) Larry, Daryl and Daryl's Diner ™ Feaster's  Lightbuilb Supply ™
Howell Industries ™ Cuckoos Nest Psychiatric Hospital™  
Jenny's Massage ™ (867-5309) Town Of Flatenroc ™  Sal Minila's Pizza Restorante™
 Heavy Metal ™ (Scrap Steel) ABC-123 Education ™  H. Simpsons Donut Shop ™
3 Bears Sleep Shop  ™ Acme Anvils  ™  Moby's Fresh Fish ™ 
5 Cent Psychologist ™ Worth Every Penny Aggregate Concrete ™  (On Air In Print On Line) OAIPOL Advertising ™ 
7 Bridges Rd ™ (Road With 7 Bridges) Avalanche Gorge ™ Acme Explosives  ™
7D Diamond Mine ™ (7 Dwarfs) B. Franklin's Kites ™  Alverson Alley ™ 
Alice's Restaurant ™  B.B. Wolf's Demolition  ™ AMR Group ™ 
Santa's Coal Mine™  North Pole Coal ™  G. Jefferson's Cleaners ™ 
Ally's Bowling ™  Bowser Locomotive Works ™  B. Rubbels Stone  And Masonary™
Amore' Sex Shop ™  Buzz ™ (Marijuna Store) Between The Bridges ™  
Avalanche Gorge ™  Waybacks Retro Store ™  Bullseye Department Stores ™
B G's Dance Emporium ™  Chips Lumber Yard  ™ Candy Bin Candies ™ 
Banana Splits ™ (Ice Cream) Chowin' Down All You Can It Buffet ™ Castaway Carolina ™
Bank Of Greenburg ™  Christmas Model Train Display  ™ Central Station  ™
Betty's Bingo ™ (Shake It Up Betty!) City Edge ™  Cherrywood Pizza ™
Between The Tracks Hobbies ™ City of Nowhere  ™ Choochie  ™ (The Bear Mascot)
Big Rock Candy Mountain ™  Co-Engineer ™ Christmas 247365 Shop ™ 
Blast Off Burgers ™ Cornies Comedy Shop ™  Chuckel's Comedy Club ™ 
Bonus Room Site Services ™  Creature Shop ™ (Stuffed Animals)  Cities Edge ™ 
Bonus Room ™ (Bar) Cruisin' Johnnies ™ (Fast Food) Cities Edge Zoo ™ 
Boom Fireworks ™ Davinci Painting ™  City of Tumuch  ™ (Too Much)
Brobdingnap™ Diggitty Dogs ™ (Hot Dog Stand) Co-Dispatcher  ™
Bud Heavy ™  Ding Dong Dinner ™  Costumes By Heidi ™
Camelions Nighclub ™ (Gay Bar) Dock Of The Bay Seafood Restaurant ™ Crusin' Johnnies ™
Castaway Carolina ™ Duke's Ranch ™  Cushion's Pool Hall ™ 
Center Of Gratvity ™ (STEAM Education) Dumpster Trash Management ™ (DTM) Darwin's Zoo ™
Cheyene Mountain  ™ E J Corvettes ™  Dash Runners Shop ™ 
Chicken Delight ™ Ernest T's Rocks & More ™  Emoji World ™ 
Cinderella's Staircases ™  Frankenstein's Bodyshop ™  Everest Outdoor Gear ™ 
City of Greenburg  ™ Gilligan's Boats ™  Fandom Comics ™ 
City of Industry  ™ Golden Spike Foundry ™  Fishy Sushi Bar ™
CityRailLink  ™ Grants Department Store ™ Floyd's Clip Joint ™ 
Nearandfar ™ (The Towns of Near and Far) Gravity ™  Trampoline Park  Frenchies Fries ™
Cool It ™ (Air Condioners) Greenburg Journal ™  G & G Service Station  ™ (Goober and Gomers)
Cosplay Costumes ™  Greenburg News  ™ G.Washington's Sleep Shop ™ 
DaVinci's Painting ™  Greenburg Public Works ™ (GPW) Glow Candle Shop ™ 
Day / Night Drive In ™  Harvey Danielson Motorcycles ™  Googlies ™ 
Down The Aisle Wedding Planning ™  Hayley's Kickin' It ™  Gorre & Daphetid Mine  ™
Elsa's Ice Bar ™  Heavy Metals ™ Greenville Junction ™ 
F. Buellers Leisure Time ™ Hotcool ™  (HVAC Service) Greenville Transit System ™
F. W. Poe Mill ™  John's Bargain Store ™  Groovy Wittuby ™ (Vintage Clothing Store)
Fantasy Sex Shop ™  Jolly Rogers ™  Hard Steel Corporation ™ (Steel Mill)
Floyd's Clip Joint ™ Judy's Jewelry ™  Hazel's Brooms ™ (Witch Hazel)
G. Wilikers ™ Leonardo's Nic Nac's ™  Hiedi's Surf & Dive Shop  ™
Great Adventure Outdoors ™ Lilliputions Hole In One Miniature Golf ™ 
GTS ™ (Greenville Transit Systems) Linus' Blanket Shop ™  Holy Smokes ™ Tobacco Store
Hardwood Flooring - Jim Nasium Proprietor ™  Loneley's Social Club ™  Icing Bakery ™ 
Heights Building Centers ™ Lumiers Candle Shop ™  Jagertown ™ (German Village)
Hoffbrau Hut ™  Marble Slab Counter Tops ™ Jolly Holidays Travel Service ™ 
Holly's 26.2 ™ Mauna Kea Telescopes  ™ Lilliput Station ™
Inflation Hot Air Balloons ™ Mini You  ™ (3D Printed Version Of Yourself) Lolli's Pop Shop ™
J.J. Walkers Dynomite Factory  ™ Nettie's Landscaping  ™ Louie's Sweet Shop ™
Jipem, Jipem and Howe Attorneys ™  Nickel & Dime Store ™ Lucy's Candy Company ™ 
John Allen's Railco ™  Nimoy's Toys ™  Mark Hall's Cards & Gifts ™ 
Kowabonga Surf Shop ™  Nunley's  ™ Meat Market ™  (Topless Bar)
KW Light and Power  ™ (Kilo Watt) Oakiedoekies ™ (Educational Toys) Bingo - Shake It Up Betty ™
Leakie's Plumbing Service ™  Olive Oil's ™ (Oil and Lube) New York Deli News ™ 
Lilliputt Miniature Golf ™ Otis' Mountain Moonshine ™ Nimoy's Toys ™ 
Little Ike's Bikes ™  Otto's Deli ™  Palisades Amusement Park  ™
Little Thunder Mine ™  Over The Rainbow Day Care ™ Patty Wacs Nic Nac's ™ 
Louies's Sweet Shop ™  P. Revere's Silver Shop ™  Piedmont Shirt Co ™ 
Mandy's Tampoline Park ™ Par ™ (Golf Store) Pig Pen's Bath and Shower ™ 
Milkin' It ™ (Dairy Farm) Pastafazool ™ (Italian Restaurant) Piney Mountain ™ 
Miniature World Builder  ™  Pat Paulson For President Headquarters ™  Pucks Hockey School ™ 
Miyagi Auto Detaling ™ Pete's Beer & Booze  ™ Recycle Consigment ™ 
Olaf's Sno Cones ™ Pete's Funnel Cakes ™  Rubies Doobies ™ (Marijuana Store)
P. Collins Drums & More  ™ Piggies BBQ ™  Rupunzel's Hair Saloon  ™
Pages  ™ (Kaylay's Book Store) Platform Perks ™  Scooby's Doobies ™ (Marajuna Store)
Palisades Amusement Park ™ Plexi-Bridge ™  Shoeless Joe's Footware ™ 
Pergament Paints ™  R. Stewart's Hobby Shop  ™ Silly's ™ (Comedy Club)
Pleasantburg Driving Range ™ R.C Charlies ™ (Radio Controlled Racing) Snagle's Bagels ™ 
Robinson's Trees ™  S. Miller's Abracadabra Shop ™ (Magic Shop) Snoopy's Flying School ™
Rope A Dope Boxing ™  Shaggies Carpet Cleaning ™ Solid Concrete Piping ™
Ruby's Gems ™  Sinatra's Lionel Trains  ™ Sportsville ™ (Sports Bar)
Sheldon's Comics ™  Skinnies 24 Hour Workout ™ Tabarbs Ale House ™ 
Silicon Technologies ™  Slate & Flintstone Quarry  ™ The Smothered Burritto Restaurant  ™ 
Small World Miniatures  ™ Spark Auto ™ (Auto Repair) Tiggers Tampoline Park ™
Solid Concrete  ™ Specticles  Eye Glasses ™  Timber Tree Removal  ™
Google McOogle Everything Store ™ Stiches Fabrics ™  Time Keeper ™ (Clock Shop)
Something Fishy ™ (Sushi Restaurant) Stitch & Sew Fabrics ™  Too Cool For School  ™ (Gaming Venue)
Spin and Dry Laundry  ™ The Pitt  ™ (Staging Area Under Cheyenne Mountain) Totally Cool ™  Air Conditioners
Steely Dan's Metal Works ™ Tiggers Bounce House ™ Toto's Pet Care ™
Stoney End ™ (Marijuana Store) Time Clock  ™ (Clock Shop) Town of Animae ™ 
Tabard's Ale House ™  Town of Animae ™ Town of Pinecrest ™
Three Bridges ™ Town Of Pine Crest ™  Town of Snoville ™
Five Bridges ™ Five Bridges Gorge  ™ Jim Nasium Sports Fitness Center ™
Times Square Stores ™  Kwong Ming ™  Trainsformation  ™
Town of Bar Mills ™  Traxx Dance Club  ™ Travolta School of Dance ™ 
Town of Walthers  ™ Two Bridges ™  Village Of Woodland  ™
Twist And Shout Dueling Piano Bar ™  Western Motorworks of Bavaria  ™ (WMB) Wayne and Grayson Belts ™ (Batman & Robin)
Valley View  ™ (protoype viewing area) Wheels and Knuckles ™ (Freight Car Builders) WMB  ™ (Western Motorworks of Bavaria)
Vinyl Nation  ™ (Vinyl Record Store) Wicked Apple Orchard  ™ World Of Wonderful ™ 
Watts Light Bulbs ™  Wingin' It Hot Wings ™  World Security ™ 
Wingin' It ™ (Food Truck) Wittuby Dream ™  Worley Vista View ™ 
Penny Blossums ™ (Hair Accessories) Wonder Full ™ (All You Can Eat Buffet) WTRK Radio ™ (MWOT  Broadcast)
World Containers ™ (Used Shipping Containers) World of Lego  ™ Wunder World  ™
Old McDonald's Farm ™ Beavers Logging Camp  ™ Dig Deep Sand & Gravel ™
Worley Lilliputt ™  World of Thomas ™ Wylie's Pest Removal ™
Worm's Bait Shop ™  Worley Arcadia ™  Yodell's Swiss Restaurant ™ 
Yodel's Swiss Chocolate Shop ™ Worley Vista View  ™ Zipideedooda's Restaurant ™ (Southern Cuisine)
Zipitty Do Dah Zip Line Adventures  ™ Zoom Zoom Flyin' School ™  Fluff And Fold Laundry ™
Dig Deep Excavating ™ MWOTSC ™ MWOT ™
Voices Karaoake Bar ™ Dr. Avlerson MD™ Miniature World Of Trains ™
World Landscaping ™ Robinson Tree Service ™ Spades Hardware ™
Down The Drain Plumbing ™ Crapper Port-a-potties ™ S. Hitter Port-a-potties ™
Ohh's And Ahh's Fireworks ™ Twisted Pretzel Company  ™ Jiminies Creature Shop  ™
Marshmellow Mountain™ Candy Cane Forest™ Hobo Camp ™
Wunder Bar  ™ B. Stein's Beirgarten  ™ Stop Buggin' Me Pest Control  ™
Dwarfs Diamond Jewelry Store  ™ Gasthaus Wittsack  ™ Dwarfs Diamond Mart  ™
Bang Boom Fireworks  ™ G Scale World  ™ Bohack's Supermarket  ™
Durkheimer Sausage ™ Lorely Rocks And Stone ™ Beaches Sand & Gravel  ™
Zap Video Game Room  ™ Zap Video Gaming  ™ Thornes Games  ™
Clear Creek Outfitters ™ Reedy Industries  ™ Buzzsaw Woodworking  ™
Timber Lumber Company  ™ Yard Limit Hobbies  ™ P. Allets Worldwide Shipping  ™
Errand Boy  ™ (Personal Shopper) Clueless Private Investigations  ™ Knottagen ™
Miniopolis ™ Cootie Urgent Care ™ Faraway ™ (The Mountain Town)
Wurlie Gig Manufacturing ™ Widget Works ™ Worley Lilliput ™
Jetson Sprockets ™ Hazel's Maid Service ™ T. Allen's More Power Engine Service ™
Munster's Funeral Parlor ™ Stinky Pet ™ (Pet Washing) In The Detail ™ (Vehicle Detailing Service)
Up In Smoke Fire Protection ™ Susquehanna Hat Company ™ Wholesale Hanna's ™
Full Throttle Racing ™ Crop Circle Farm ™ End Of The Line Bar & Gill ™
End Of The Line Funeral Home ™ Double Bar R ™ Double R Bar ™
Hot Wheels World ™ Peppermint Patty's Candies  ™ Larry, Daryl and Daryl -- Woodmen of the World  ™
Gillis Grocery ™ M. G. Krebs ™ Rainbow Music Hall ™
Shultz Toy's Of Nuremburg ™ Hogan's Demolition ™ Green Acres Landscape Supply ™
Rudeshiemier Wines ™ Schnitzel On A Stick ™ Mini Jobs ™
Mini Projects ™ Wonka's Chocolate Factory ™ Shultz's Toy's ™
Institute For Small World Studies ™ Peaches Records and Tapes ™ Fluff And Fold Laundry Service ™
Minnesota Skinnies Gym ™ White Knuckles Driving School ™ Bumpers Pool Hall ™
Mini Cinema ™ EWGSD ™ Euro World G Scale Display ™
Got Talent Management ™ Jobs Job Jobs Employment Service ™ Abner Doubleday's Sports Bar ™
Tiny Town ™ Potter's Title Loans ™  Town of Worley ™
Floyd's Clip Joint ™ (Barbershop) Miniature World Builder ™  True Oldies Senior Center ™
MiniCity Card ™ WTRK and KTRK  Radio ™ (Keeping You On Track) WNPL Reindeer Radio ™
Old Town USA ™ Animotivator ™ Animotioneer ™
Track Crew ™ Co-Engineer ™ Diggin' Deep Septic Service ™
Miniature World Of Trains BETA™ Neighborhood Builder ™ Platform Perks ™
Holly's Chicken & Waffles ™ Ralph's Demolition Services ™ Heidi's Costumes ™
Gulls Mine Mine Mine ™ Roundenlong Concrete Pipe ™ Deutchestown ™
Woody's Loggin' Service ™ Simon Lilliput LLC™ Town Of Miniton ™
Town Of Borealis ™ Borealis ™ Candy Cane Forest ™
Rails and Ales ™ Rail Pass ™ RRT ™ (Retail / Restaurant and Ticketing)
Flower Street ™ Train Grave Yard ™ Railroad Ave ™
ActiSpot ™ Dr. Pullin DDS ™ Timber Bowling ™
Club 455™ Club 401™ MWOT™ Railpass™
Lilliput 401 ™ Lilliput 401 LLC ™ Simon Lilliput LLC ™
Durante Park™ Home of the "Big W" ™ World 160th ™ Block World ™
VCrew ™ Euro World ™ Simon Lilliput LLC™
Miniopolis City's Edge ™ TCrew ™ WTRN ™ Railroad Radio
Return Trip Ticket  ™ RTT ™ (Return Trip Ticket) Harden Steel Co ™
Christmas Tree Forest ™ Knottagan ™ Cereal Bowl Stadium ™
DANS ™ Day and Night Sky ™ (DANS ™) Bull Dozier's Construction Equipment™
Minians ™ (Figures On The Displays) Mini Cinema ™ Minilothian ™ (MWOT Members)
World Passport ™ Mini Picnic Park ™ Al G. Braa - School Of Mathematics ™
Starskey's Hutches ™ Beau's Ties (Used Railroad Ties) ™ Snidley Whiplash Injury Attorney ™
Lone Ranger Surgical Masks ™ Camp Newdee ™ (Nudist Colony) Wittuby Designs ™
???? Cushions ™ Whipple Paper Products ™ Beaver Bridge ™
McCartney's Wings ™ J. Morrison Doors ™ Aunt Bea's Baked Goods ™
Googlie Eyes ™ (Prescription Eyewear) Visualeers ™ T. Howell Industries ™
Worley Lilliput ™ Jenny's Escort Service ™ (Call 867-5309) Imaginationseers ™ ????
Wade Lilliput ™ Visualizers ™ Battle Of The Bulge ™
Old Man Farm™ Fartenoff Gas Works™ McDonald's Farm™
Miniaturizing Fog ™ Anti Miniaturizing Fog ™ Model Construction Lab™
Model Train Lab™ Model Scenery Lab™ Model Railroad Lab™
Brewbacca's Coffee ™ Prrrfect Cat Supplies & More  ™ Magoo's Optical ™
Bulk Buy Warehouse ™ Ray Sunn Solar Power ™ Ziggy's Zoggy Sandwich Shop ™
Cramdin's Flight To The Moon Simulator ™ Simpson's Donuts ™ Kavanagh's Supreme Brewski's ™
Aunt Bea's Chicken & Pie ™ Barney's Fife and Drum American Bar ™ Werkhoff's German Bakery ™
City Of Neon™ City Of Neon™ Miyagi School Of Karate ™
Town Of Bar Mills ™ Town Of Woodland ™ Town Of Walthers ™
Mini Auto ™ Mini Inland Port ™in Mini Brewery ™
  Alverson Alley  ™i  
Mini Meteor's  ™ ROM™ - Rocky Mountain Oysters "Have A Ball With Us"™ Mini You ™
Water Spigot Works ™ Miniature Mouse ™ (Our Mascot) Water Spigot Manufacturing ™
Mini Times Square ™ Sammies Sandwiches ™ Sammies Sandwiches ™
Deep Freeze Ice ™ Edutainment ™ MWID ™ (Miniature World Improvement District)
MTOC ™ Model Train Operation Center ™ TrainCo Coach Works ™ TOC ™  Train Operation Center ™
WOT ™ World Of Thomas (HO) MWTOC ™ Model World Train Operation Center ™ Slippin' Falls ™
GCRR™ Greenburg Comuter RailRoad ™ Animotion Spot ™

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