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A Message From The President And CEO

The world is all around us. We are surrounded by it everyday.

The colors of the world live in the diversity of its life within the seas, rivers, lakes, mountains and man made structures . The cities with their skyscrapers, homes and industries. Within the cities are the bright lights of the city centers and stadiums filled with the energy of its people!. It is the feeling of a great world we live in. Our world is immense and diverse. The USA is a vast country filled with natural and man made wonders in which not everyone can visit and enjoy during their lifetime.

In early 2010 I had the vision of creating a miniature version of our world. I wanted everyone to be able to see America in its glory in a morning, afternoon or evening visit. "See America in a day"
TM! I wanted everyone to be able to visit. Bring the world to everyone from every walk of life.

The vision was to build a place where people could experience "Our World In Miniature"
TM from coast to coast, sea to shinning sea, in the mountains and the prairies using state of the are models and animation. These incredible destinations will be created by our team of modeling masters from around the USA and the world. They will be building both old and new locations for people to visit.

This is the Miniature World of Trains

The Miniature World of TrainsTM will be a place unlike anything in the United States.

To start in 2018 / 2019 we are creating the USA's east coast, starting in the southeastern USA and moving up the coast to the big cities. This will take a lot of work to create a realistic world in miniature and will be done on a scale never before scene in America. It will feature our geography and diversity.

Our talented team of artists, engineers, designers and modelers are combining the craft of model railroading & model building with 21st technology. Our city scenes will feature detailed model trains and moving vehicles, structures with hundreds of thousands of LED lighting affects with12 foot tall sky scrapers. Every miniature building, train, vehicle, tree, person and animation will bring you the world as we know it as you have never seen it before. In miniature.

Our goal is to build the next big attraction in the USA.
Something both magical and educational.

It will be successful as others that have inspired me have.

For example the proof of concept is the number one tourist attraction is the Miniatur-Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany with 1.2 million visitors per year! There are many others around Europe that have hundreds of thousands of visitors each year but there is nothing even approaching the quality of Hamburg. It is massive in its scope.

While part of the Miniature World of Trains
TM can be funded the state funding options, we still need investors to help create this amazing place.

I would like to tell the story about this great place to thousands and thousands if not millions of people each year. But we need your help!

You can be a part of this story.

I wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to be part of "Our World In Miniature" and to invest in our little world.

As an investor, you will receive special access to the Miniature World of Trains
TM along with other benefits.

Let us share this experience with the world and capture the wonder that is our home.

Frank Ruby
President and CEO
Miniature World of Trains(TM) LLC






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