Christmas Model Train Display




Will Be Announced Approximatelty 60 Days Prior To Grand Opening

We are trying to keep the Miniature World of Trains
(TM) admission prices as reasonable as possible, in order to make a visit affordable for everyone. Our aim is to be more affordable and family friendly, more so than other similar recreational attractions in the Greenville, SC area. However, our future layout display construction plans (until 2020) are incredibly expensive in terms of building costs and personnel required to build them. In order to be able to offer our guests ever more new attractions as we move forward, we need to make substantial modifications to current displays as well as plan for new displays, and extensions at our location. Because we still want keep a visit to the Miniature World of Trains(TM) affordable for everyone, we've established more discount categories, as well.

Admission Ticket Prices*

Children smaller than 3 feet (accompanied by a parent) free of charge
Children under 16 years $4.00
Adults $5.00
Group starting at 15 members, price per person $4.00
Children in groups (each) $4.00
School classes (min. 15 persons, 1 teacher free, max. age 18 years)  
price per person $3.00
Seniors (>65) (please bring I.D. as proof of age) $4.00
Students / Handicapped $4.00
(please bring relevant I.D.)  
Wheelchair User $4.00
Personal Annual Pass, Adult $50.00
Personal Annual Pass, Adult - renewal $40.00
Personal Annual Pass, Children $40.00
Personal Annual Pass, Children - renewal $30.00

*Prices are subject to change without notice


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